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Vintage Construction Home Improvement

About Us

Vintage Construction and Home Improvement is a family-owned business based in St. Clair Shores, MI. We have been in business for the last five years and are serving the tri-county area covering Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb. We offer comprehensive home remodeling services, the idea for which was inspired by our love for remodeling and improving our own home.

We are committed as a construction company to make remodeling and construction affordable to our customers. Our mission is to make construction and home remodeling affordable for all.

Our vision is to be the most affordable construction home improvement company in the tri-county area and expand to other territories as we grow our business.

Reliable. Affordable. Dependable.

The benefit of a family-run business is the focus on certain values. We created Vintage out of our love of improving our house, and we wanted to spread that love. In this regard, we promised to ensure customer satisfaction at all costs.

Now, this guarantee comes with the ideals that are the hallmark of our services. First is Reliability, which essentially ensures our customers that we will deliver on our promise of quality services without breaking the bank.
Second is Affordability, which relates to our vision of reaching everyone within our region and giving them a chance to improve their homes at an affordable price.

Lastly, our third ideal is Dependability, which reaffirms you, the customer, that we will use the best products and practices to deliver the work on a timely basis.

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